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healing families

Megan is a kind and loving soul. She becomes invested in everything she does and you can feel it. My kids absolutely adore her! The memories that she created with our family have had a profound impact on our lives and we hold those memories dear in our hearts! Anyone would be blessed to have her in their home and taking care their children.

Megan started working for my family as soon as we brought our twin boys home from the NICU. I knew we would need a lot of help getting adjusted to our first babies, and Megan was there from the start, working 4-5 days a week including some nights. She was a major factor in helping us successfully transition from a couple to a four person family, and helped out with everything from light housekeeping (laundry, bottles) to cooking (she's an amazing chef!). Our boys love her and I'm sure your kids will too! Working with premature twins was a difficult challenge, but she shined and excelled and always paid special attention to the fact that as preemies, they had different challenges and needs. She helped me become a great mother and was so supportive of me during this challenging time.

Megan is currently helping us juggle twin newborn boys and a 2 year old daughter. Everything seems calmer and much more organized when Megan is around. Our toddler loves her! I love that she takes her job seriously and carries herself like a true professional. Her professionalism is what attracted me to her in the first place. And then I came to appreciate her sweet, kind, gentle and tender hearted spirit. Often times I am home with her and our children and I genuinely enjoy her company. She has truly come alongside us and helped us navigate through uncharted waters. She exceeded our expectations. She is my best kept secret!

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