Postpartum Belly Binder

Belly binder includes a complimentary 10-minute Zoom tutorial session!


Product Description

Sparked full of joy – we are more willing to use healing items more when we prepare before postpartum and find them beautiful.

High quality cotton muslin material – I find when I use these on postpartum clients this material is perfection! Not too light and not too heavy!

Hand sown by my mother in law 🌈

Perfect hem to stop fraying and shedding

Handmade by women 🤌🏻

Long lasting and easy to pass down and share!

17 yards x 9 inches

Listing is for 1 binder only

Each binder is unique – if you’d like a more frayed binder like in the picture or less frayed, message me. But also understand each is unique like our bodies. Some will look slightly different than the picture 😊

Supports postpartum healing – each bind comes with 1 free 10 minute zoom tutorial session because we will be more motivated to bind what we feel confident using it!

I hope you all enjoy! I truly can’t wait for the beginning of something real special!

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