Postpartum Doula Service Packages

Prenatal Packages

Preparing For Your Birth 

It is time to prep! During this 1-3 hour prenatal visit we prepare for your postpartum journey. Along with talk therapy, breathing exercises, baby 101, personal postpartum healing education and nursery organization. This session is focused on preparing you with real expectation and confidence to nurture your own body and your little one. I walk you through the first weeks of postpartum while we get your emotional, mental and physical spaces ready! 

Includes: birth bag prep, diaper bag prep, nursing/feeding/diaper cart set up and organized, nesting stations set up, nursery set up, baby shower gifts sorted and washed, pump prep, meal prep and first week home tutorials. And most importantly complete focus on your after birth healing items.

$125 per hour

Mini Nesting Session

Hey you organizing momma! I see you prepping all things during that midnight insomnia! Let me do that final prep and check so you truly feel at peace with your nest. Similar to a prenatal visit but a smaller condensed session virtual or in person. A great once over all your items you have set up on your own. An awesome way to have another set of eyes and expertise to check what items you will need immediately after birth. This is a great session to have after your first prenatal session and right before baby arrives. Such a peace of mind that your prepared and supported emotionally and physically. A wonderful baby shower gift or self care gift….again I see you organizing babe!

$75 per hour

Pre Birth Visualizations and Breath Work Session – Trust My Body Package

This virtual 1-2 hour session is encouraged right before your birth when contractions are first arriving. I have seen this practice used in other countries with energy workers to support mothers in a flowing and fluid birth with peace and love. I saw the amazing benefit so many times with clients while I offered this on the side that I decided to make it a package! 

We use two specific visualizations and special breath work to support a peaceful and confident birth. We walk along the journey through birth and use breath to open the body up. This session specifically focuses on opening the body up with trust and boosting your confidence to trust your intuition. I make a promise to you as we breath through this session: your birth will be YOURS, you can TRUST your body, you will meet your baby. 

Includes: 1 recording on Zoom of your session if desired, two visuals and two mantras to use during your birth.

$75 per hour

Prenatal and Postpartum Meal Package

Finding the most nourishing prenatal and postpartum meal service is a challenge. But they don’t have to be anymore! Let’s take one more thing off your mind and get it organized! I provide home cooked organic meals adaptable to any lifestyle you have. Including: paleo, gluten free, organic, dairy free, nut free etc. Meals are for the whole family but specifically focused on balanced meals for prenatal and postpartum. 1-7 days worth of meals prepared in a few hours.

Prices start at $55 per hour with drop off in the local San Diego area. Groceries reimbursed by client

Postpartum Packages

Belly Binding 90 Minute Session

This package focuses on bringing warmth to the body and connect with your inner self. We bring you back to your own by closing the womb and wrapping you. This package includes organic herb and mineral foot bath focused on bringing warmth to the feet and supporting your body’s detoxification of fluids. I use my handmade jarred belly oil made from organic olive oil and avocado oil for the ultimate belly and body massage for 1 hour. In your room with spa music to celebrate you. Guidance how to self bind and benefits. Ceremonial final belly bind with flowers. Leaving your body in the warmest state to nurture yourself and your baby. 

Includes: My handmade muslin belly binder, foot tub and belly oil.

$280 for 90 minutes 

Ceremonial Post Birth Session

Deep breaths! Your baby is here. You are a momma! Congratulations! Now you wondering how to get through that first morning, evening and night post birth. Again, deep breaths! I got you! This package is truly ideal and essential for every family. Now close your eyes and envision this: You are tucked into your fresh washed sheets with your just born babe. While feeding them, your feet are warmly supported in an organic herbal foot bath. While an easy digestible organic meal is being cooked on your stove, fresh wild flowers by your bed, your laundry is being washed, your bags are being unpacked (or sorted if you gave birth at home!) and your space is transformed into a warmly lit moody space. Kitchen and bedroom are refreshed and organized. I honor your space with quiet while supporting you with kindness and grace before tucking your family in for the night. Small baby tutorials if requested. Rest for the family as I depart. Ultimate healing! Everything you need for that first day or evening home with baby. 

$600 per session, 5 hours total. Including a meal for 2 people, fairy lights, soy candles and fresh wild flowers. Add ons not included: belly binder and belly oil from my shop. 

Postpartum Ultimate Support Package

So maybe you are like me…you know yourself very well and what makes you THRIVE! You eat healthy as you can, you sleep the best you can, you try your best to do the things that make you feel alive and happy. And can envision what will make you feel like a strong momma. That with the RIGHT support, energy, nourishment, kindness and rest you can conquer just about anything. I made this package for you! After experiencing 10 years of supporting families I saw what has helped them thrive. It has always been and will always be SUPPORT! This package provides all the support, nourishment, rest and confidence-building you will need on your postpartum journey!

$5765.00 total package

This package includes:

  • x8 weeks of prenatal and postpartum support
  • x1 (2 hr) prenatal session
  • x1 (1hr) mini nesting session
  • x1 (5hr) ceremonial post birth session 
  • x18 sessions (5hr per session, 90 hours total, 6 weeks of postpartum sessions)

Complete Healing Package Add

One day after sending links and links and more links to my momma friends, I decided I would bring all the things to them! That means I would search down all the most adored brand items for you so you do not have to deal with the hassle. Basically what I am saying is: you focus on your birth, I got you during postpartum. In a beautiful minimal oversized hand woven basket, you will receive over 11 specific postpartum healing items. Every item I have used for over 10 years and absolutely loved. I have watched momma groups pass around these well loved items like secrets. And I want to share all of them with you! Along with the best post birth healing items, you will receive fresh wild flowers, and my handmade herbal healing padsicles to stock in your freezer. Interested what is included? Email me for the detailed list.


$650 total

* Must be added to a postpartum or prenatal session. Email for list of items included.

Custom Packages

Create Your Own Package

Interested in creating your own package? Book a free consultation to create your dream postpartum package!

Prices start at $55 per hour (3 hour minimum)

Questions Answered

Regardless of this being your first or fourth baby, this period of time is a major milestone and transition for yourself, your body and your whole family. At times, this transition is also referred to as your “fourth trimester”.

Whereas a birth doula provides support during the actual labor and birth, a Postpartum Doula provides non-medical support in these important days and weeks following the baby’s birth.

As a Postpartum Doula, Megan Limon focuses primarily on caring for the mother. And while the infant is definitely a priority, by focusing on the mothers needs and needs of the family, a direct bond between the baby and mother will be least interrupted.

Deciding whether or not you need a professional Postpartum Doula can be a challenging decision to make. Especially when you already have enough on your mind considering that you are preparing to give birth to your new child. Megan Limon is a certified Postpartum Doula offering friendly and professional doula services to all in need. 

Who benefits:

  • First-time parents
  • Parents of multiples
  • Cesarean section birth/recovery
  • Families with little local support
  • Individuals who want to breastfeed
  • Families with other young children
  • Birthing people at risk for or experiencing postpartum depression & anxiety
  • Premature births/babies
  • Parents who have experienced difficult deliveries
  • Babies with colic or reflux
  • Families with high anxiety levels
  • Babies with special needs
  • New parents with limited experience with newborns
  • Mothers who have been on bed rest throughout pregnancy
  • New parents with no family nearby

A Postpartum Doula can begin care as soon as you are ready to have her come to your home which may be as soon as just a few days after the birth. Megan Limon has worked with families for anywhere from 1 week to 6 months.

Megan Limon offers professional and certified Postpartum Doula services through all of San Diego and it’s surrounding Counties.

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My practice is focused on an organic and modern approach to doula and postpartum services. By supporting individuals on their journey of parenthood through educating, empowering and healing. Let’s get started… I can’t wait to support you!